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In the days of Imperial Rome, the Senate required that no law be passed until the official oracles at Delphi had been consulted.  

Today, oracles have come a long way, they are now called; psychic-intuitives, spiritual mediums, astrologers, feng shui consultants and more!

AYRIAL features #theBest! lifestyle consultants from around the globe who meet our professional ethics and standards in order to be a member.

Download the AYRIAL App for free. You can browse in a variety of ways; Featured Consultant, by area of practice; psychics & spiritual mediums, astrology and Chinese metaphysics, life coaches.

View a mini or a detailed profile page of each consultant to explore their area of practice.  Simply “Click to Call” or “Click to Email” to schedule a confidential session.

“One of the benefits of our AYRIAL App is, we’ve taken the work out of searching the internet to find an exceptional lifestyle consultant, which is too often a time-consuming and frustrating undertaking. And we’re utilizing the latest technology to raise the bar,” says Victoria lynn Weston, Founder & President of AYRIAL.

Looking for #theBest #lifestyleconsultant? Download the AYRIAL App! @AYRIAL7 

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

AYRIAL Lifestyle Consultants

Easily scroll through areas of expertise

Amazing App Features

Easily click on a consultants’ area of practice; astrology, psychics & spiritual mediums and Chinese metaphysics. Quickly scroll through a list of AYRIAL consultants and click to view detailed profile.

Custom Appearance

Click to Call or Email

Amazing App Features

Once you find a psychic, astrologer, feng shui consultant or life coach that you would like to connect with,  you can easily “click to call” or “click to email” to schedule a confidential session.

Feng Shui Tips

Read the latest about feng shui practices!

Amazing App Features

Easy to read quick tips about feng shui and more!

Easy Social Sharing

Stay Connected Socially

Amazing App Features

Stay connected with your favorite consultants via their social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Video Integration

Watch Short Videos!

Amazing App Features

Keep engaged by watching personal, entertaining and informational video content from our AYRIAL consultants.

Push Notifications

Push notifications & In App Messages

Amazing App Features

You’ll never miss an AYRIAL App update.  You’ll be notified of fresh content, interviews and featured AYRIAL members!

We Make it Easier For You to Find…

Awesome Articles and Tips!

In addition to being exceptional AYRIAL lifestyle consultants, they are also members who provide exclusive content for our audience.  You can read about the “Essentials of Friendship” and a 4-part series on “Happiness” by Intuitive-Enhanced Psychotherapist, Joseph Eliezer.  Other AYRIAL articles written by astrologer and best selling author Constance Stellas’ who wrote:”Uranus; Factor X Planet”.  And Feng Shui consultant and Chinese astrologer Viviana Estrada who offers tips on Feng Shui practices.

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Beautiful User Interface

Feeling stuck? Wondering when romance will ignite? Is now the time to start your business or write that book?

Scroll through a short list of areas of practice; select astrology, psychics & spiritual mediums, life coaches and feng shui consultants.

  • Browse Consultants
  • Read mini profile page
  • View detailed profile page
  • Click to call or email
  • Schedule a confidential appointment!
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There is much to explore.

Who Are We

AYRIAL’s Mission

AYRIAL’s Mission is to enhance the well-being of individuals who seek the insight of exceptional lifestyle consultants who can empower, provide guidance, information and resources to help them grow spiritually, in business and leadership.

AYRIAL was created and is published by Weston Media Group, LLC.  It’s founder Victoria lynn Weston had a vision that inspired her to develop a new kind of “body, mind & spirit” online community and to engage users with its smartphone App.  The goal is to provide a convenient and engaging way for clients to connect with professional psychics, intuitive consultants, astrologers, spiritual mediums, feng shui consultants or life coaches.

AYRIAL features exceptional psychics, intuitives, spiritual mediums who are tested by providing “cold readings” for an AYRIAL associate and to further test their abilities, we provide our ZENER CARD App.

AYRIAL also provides inspiring  and educational resources, articles and shares lively conversations with its members and other interesting guests via podcasts through AYRIAL TalkTime and distributed through iTunes, STITCHER and AYRIAL.

Meet a Few AYRIAL Members

Colleen Vanderzden

Colleen is a registered medium with the Lily Dale Assembly and is certified with the Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship.


Brian Lynch

Brian is a graduate of psychology and his astrology readings focus on biographical life themes and destiny.


Viviana Estrada

Viviana is a certified Chinese astrology reader, Feng shui consultant with a desire to help people. She is an expert of Chinese metaphysics.


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